NAKeD with Debilzan

Delray Beach is becoming quite the eclectic city, maybe even safe to say venturing from its’ original roots of “Village by the Sea”. What exactly might I mean by this? With events such as Delray Beach Fashion WeekSavor the Avenue, as well as local vendor pop-up events to name a few, the city has found themselves a good amount of publicity. I’ve had the pleasure of attending and partaking in many of these events and I want to share a bit of my experience with you! First things first is LIVE window modeling featuring NAKeD HAIR SALON at William Debilzan art gallery located at 38 East Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, Florida.


Friday Evening many gathered around with wide eyes of the front window of William Debilzan’s art gallery. Where you would usually find on display are his wonderfully crafted paintings and designer handbags. However on this particular night the owner of Naked Hair Salon also located in Delray Beach was fast at work styling each model individually. Having worked with Naked Hair before I know first hand that all of there products are eco-friendly and organic. I’ve also learned how passionate the owner and stylist is for avant garde looks much like those worn by the models this evening.

IMG_3048Once the hair styles were complete the models were dressed and taped in designs from Roxy Lulu, a boutique located in Pineapple Grove. Oh YES! You’ve read correctly… TAPED.



Model Jessie Jean rocked a full taped ensemble that appeared as a swim suit from afar ; quite the look! However with a physique like that anything looks great even good ol duck tape!


Fringe poncho seen on Model to the right is available in select colors at Roxy Lulu – located 119 NE 2nd Ave, Delray Beach FL.


The event was definitely a sight to see and besides the live music and unlimited red wine I couldn’t help but gasp when I entered the Debilzan Garden, full of lush greenery and artwork that hung within its vines. Absolutely breathtaking, I felt like I just walked into a jungle of artwork and I loved every minute of it!


Here are some more never before seen photos of the event. Enjoy!




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