Galavanting in the City

IMG_3379City sidewalks, busy sidewalks and no this is not a Christmas carol. I’m just over here reminiscing of a week in New York City with my girls. Especially the night we took the WRONG train in the OPPOSITE direction of our hotel. Oh and that all took place at about 2am. Yea good times.

New York is such a lively city, a faster pace than anything this South Florida girl is used too, nonetheless my friends and I adapted very quickly I must say. I loved every minute of the city, for starters the weather during our trip  was crafted by God! I’m talking I was able to rock a chiffon long sleeve without sweating. If you’re from the South then you know this is unheard of in Delray Beach.

So I’m sharing with you a flash back to one of my favorite looks from my trip in the City.


Pretty Patriotic but what can I say? Well I mean I know what I didn’t have to say …”Bish stole my look.”



When the drinks hit you all at once.


After realizing we traveled 30 minutes in the opposite direction =)

P.s I will be sharing more looks from this trip in the upcoming weeks and also some delicious cafe and restaurants to try while you’re visiting the Big Apple. Stay tuned!

Xoxo Natalie




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