Just Belt it!


Hey you! Take some time out of your busy schedule and make time for your girl friends, go for some hot coffee, a nice happy hour along the intercostal, or even a day of crafting DIY projects. It is always good to make time for your friends, let’s be honest who wants to get swallowed up by a stressful work week and has no time for themselves or the ones who care most about us? Not I, therefore my girls and I went strolling around the avenue talking and catching up as one of us has just recently moved to Chi Town and might I add loves it! It can be fun to get all dressed up without over doing it, I styled my friends and I with simple nude and neutral looks with subtle pops of color. Trying not to over accessorize your best bet is to just belt it! Grab your favorite belt and pair it with a flirty dress or for instance my look, I used a statement belt with a simple nude slip! Voila, easy, simple SessionsStyle =)


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