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Galavanting in the City

City sidewalk, busy sidewalks and no this is not a Christmas carol. I’m just over here reminiscing of a week in New York City with my girls. Especially the night we took the… Continue reading

Pop Up @ N2winebar

Dim lighting, soulful sounds and masterpieces truly set the mood for an absolutely amazing event at N2 Winebar. If this is your first time hearing of this place then allow me to fill… Continue reading

Welcome to the Big City Ladies

After 24 hours with Mayhem( Referring to “And were Off”,)Β  the courageous Mini Van that took on the challenge of four excited women who didn’t take the hint of “packing light”, we finally… Continue reading

Did that just happen?!?

Winding into the second day of my adventure seeking New York City trip and there has yet to be a single dull moment. From oldies sing-alongs to deep conversations about love and future… Continue reading

And we’re off!

Waking up to my good friend Tabatha booking exciting plans, it was no ordinary Monday. At the first mention of New York City my eyes popped open and suddenly I sat up, breathlessly… Continue reading