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Hello February

Happy first day of February! Unbelievable how time is sprinting by us; it feels like it was only yesterday I was shouting Happy New Year. With it being the first there are officially… Continue reading

Goodbye to odd years, hello 2016!

Unbelievable, another glorious year has left us and hopefully full of unforgettable moments. The Year 2015 was well… ODD to say the least, from moving homes and a new workplace it was an… Continue reading

Don’t Drop Your Change

  “Well well well look who it is”, is exactly what my blog and laptop would say at this very moment. As one can observe if you haven’t already noticed…I’ve been MIA lately… Continue reading

Getting to know Natalie!

Welcome to my happy place where I am able to share real life experiences and a little bit about my obsession with Fashion. To start off my name is Natalie Sessions and I’m… Continue reading