Rejuvenate your skin with Mineral Clay

Skin care has become a major interest of mine in the last three years. After experiencing unwanted breakouts which lead to scarring I desperately searched for a solution. Discovering how sensitive my skin was to certain products I finally found what worked for me. I like to call it a miracle in a jar, the Mineral Clay from Natures’ Symphony has done wonders for my skin. However I ventured away from the product for about 8 months trying different combinations of cleansers and my skin suffered as a result.


The Mineral Clay is a product I will always stand by; I know when I want to try new cleansers and they fail I can always come back to my routine of the Mineral Clay and Dermagel (a spot treatment moisturizer) to rejuvenate my skin. The clay deep cleanses and helps draw and dry blemishes and the Dermagel is an aloe vera gel that helps minimize scarring. Take a look at my results after using the Mineral Clay and Dermagel for only two months below!

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One last thing, this product might not work for everyone but it sure has worked for me. Skin care isn’t only about what you put on your face but more so what you feed your body. I have a TERRIBLE sweet tooth which leads to breakouts and I could be better at drinking more water. Therefore if you’re suffering from acne you may want to evaluate your diet first before trying a handful of products.

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