Summer Bright Summer White

As temperatures are rising in South Florida so are our hemlines! Short sleeves, short skirts, and short shorts, now is the time to show off a bit more of that supple skin of yours.
Personally living within five minutes of the Downtown area you could suggest that I’m out and about majority of the time. This is very true, and i’ve finally come to grips with the atmosphere and i’m accepting the limited Fashion choices a girl living in South Florida has to choose from. I’m constantly changing 3 to 4 times before leaving the house because it doesn’t make much sense to wear the 3/4 sleeve turtle neck even though you could get away with it in Northern Cali or Portland. Whatever! So here’s my take on how to still be chic, break a couple rules, and not have a heat stroke while galavanting the Avenue with your girls.



Steve Madden Camel Peep Toe Pumps

These Pumps are perfect for any occasion, wear them to the office, with denim and for day of shopping. It also helps that they are extremely comfortable to walk in. Want your own pair check them out —> HERE !



I’ve had this clutch from Aldo for almost four years now and still remains a staple piece in my wardrobe.


My Mother’s friend is really into collecting vintage jewelry and she gifted me these beautiful engraved bangles.



Here I am expressing my joy of blogging again! Finally giving myself some time to write fun pieces and work on sweet projects with awesome individuals, stay tuned.

With Love,



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