Coffee Stains

He smacked the alarm repeatedly until the obnoxious ringing came to a halt.

“Ugh are you kidding me! How is it Monday already?” said Ryan.

“As if it even matters, all you do is sleep in all day and continuously make me late for work” said a disgruntled Anastasia from underneath a silk and embroidered duvet. “Ryan, when are you going to start applying for jobs again? You told me you were interviewing and had a good chance of starting by the end of the month…but that was two months ago.” Anastasia sits up looking into Ryan’s eyes and sighs with a deep breath. “Don’t get me wrong I love waking up next to you every morning but missing you for a couple of sunrises would be nice. You know what they say “space makes the heart grow fonder”.

Ryan chuckled and like he always did when he wanted to get out of something, Continue reading