Caribbean Dreams

Anyone who knows me understand my obsession of the caribbean from the culture to the music I’ve always been drawn to it for some reason. A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to collaborate two amazing and humble individuals for a photoshoot. The photographer Kerria wanted a Caribbean vibe and she asked me to style it, to say the least I was super excited that I even made a playlist full of Popcaan and other artists to set the mood.

The first looks I wanted to be super flirty and fun so I went with bright colors and chiffon fabrics. When I think of the Caribbean I automatically think of Soca and Reggae music and vibrant colors from the style of dress to the natural landscape itself. The second look I wanted to be a bit more powerful but still feminine, the boots Melissa wore are definitely a statement piece that give off a strong dominant feel. The red dress I wore is such an incredible piece from the pattern and the subtle ruffle trim, very elegant and still very authentic.

Hair and and make-up was done by Melissa and I, a true dynamic duo get you a girl who cal do both! I really enjoyed styling these looks and the clothes made me feel extremely beautiful and strong and I am so happy to be sharing them with you all! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!917313105004_1023452014004_10277276004917313105004_1023452017004_10277276004917313105004_1023452019004_10277276004917313105004_1023452022004_10277276004917313105004_1023452023004_10277276004917313105004_1023452030004_10277276004917313105004_1023452033004_10277276004917313105004_1023452037004_10277276004917313105004_1023452038004_10277276004917313105004_1023452039004_10277276004917313105004_1023452042004_10277276004917313105004_1023452045004_10277276004917313105004_1023452049004_10277276004917313105004_1023452050004_10277276004917313105004_1023452051004_10277276004917313105004_1023452052004_10277276004917313105004_1023452053004_10277276004917313105004_1023452056004_10277276004917313105004_1023452059004_10277276004917313105004_1023452060004_10277276004917313105004_1023452061004_10277276004917313105004_1023454332004_10277276004917313105004_1023457062004_10277276004917313105004_1023457064004_10277276004


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