Got it for the low low

Skrtt Skrtt pump the breaks! This is exactly what ran through my head as I walked through the sections of a new Thrift Store on my lunch break. It is pretty mind blowing how life changes and as do our desires. Growing up my sister would attest to the fact that I absolutely hated Flea markets, Thrift stores, Hotel carpets and wearing anything that had been previously Β worn by someone else. Your girl was Bougie as hell. Oh Lord thank you for humbling me.

Today I would like to call myself a thrift connoisseur and I get a thrill from finding the most unique pieces. Sometimes looking at something with such awe and wondering as to why anyone would ever get rid of it. I’ll never forget when I picked up a structured blazer and without much examination besides the fit Β I bought it, mind you it was only 8 bucks! Much to my surprise about a year later I was wearing the same jacket and happened to glance at the zipper revealing it was Louis Vuitton hahah SCORE! Then it all occurred to me why it fit so perfectly!

My latest pickup was an incredible calf-hair cheetah print belt. OBSESSED! Especially considering the retail price was 3 dollars, uhh hello balling on a budget.

Take a peek at how I styled my latest find.

IMG_3135IMG_3136IMG_3138IMG_3141I paired the belt with a Satin Blush Blouse and high waisted jeans. For the shoe I chose a fun Cathy Jean color block sandal.

Next time you pass a thrift store just take a few minutes and check it out! You never know what treasures you may find.

Xoxo Natalie

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